The Positive Side

​The Positive Side Of Polaris Closing Victory Motorcycles

​This idea has great potential, it will also demonstrate to Polaris shareholders how much belief the board really has in the Indian motorcycle brand and in Polaris Industries itself. Coping with change is usually the most difficult occurrence for individuals to cope with let alone corporations. This is usually impossible to cope with well.

One Victory / Indian Dealer I chatted to, ​indicated Polaris will not sell or give up the Victory name. It makes me wonder if this is a huge publicity stunt to attract business, or generate a better approach to marketing and manufacturing the Victory brand.

Polaris closing Victory operations gives somebody else the opportunity to do a deal with Polaris to keep producing Victory motorcycles. This would be a win-win situation for both parties. Why I hear you ask? Firstly; Polaris will get some monetary reward for the Victory brand and polaris can happily sell their Indian motorcycles. 

​A new vendor then can do the Victory brand justice by keeping the innovation and development that Victory motorcycles deserves. Victory is a dynamic brand and is not held back by over a hundred years of developmental baggage, well it's over a hundred years of expectation. 

​Victory has the freedom (pardon the 106 pun) to be free to develop their machines as they see fit. I also see that a combined Victory workforce take over of existing operations as a more efficient option for production of the motorcycles and parts after Polaris closure decision. The smaller company will have smaller overheads and support though sometimes the support can be a hindrance when it comes to innovation. Victory has the capacity to become the Apple iPhone of the motorcycling industry given the opportunity. It would be very prudent for Polaris to have an each way bet.

Set up a deal with the Victory crew and a financial backer so they are indeed in the win, win situation. If Victory meets my expectations and succeeds then Polaris retains some percentage of the profits and some sell off capital to boot and the new owners / workers of Victory motorcycles win as well. The general motorcycling public all over the world win as well, because a great brand will continue to be enjoyed for generations to come like all iconic brands of motorcycle.

​Polaris owes us the opportunity to keeps our dreams alive.

Polaris To Wind Down Victory Motorcycles

See The Following Link From Polaris

A real shock to lovers and owners of Victory motorcycles. Victory may not be profitable for Polaris, it has made HD release the "Milwaukee 8" 107 cubic inch engine with 4 valves per cylinder. Does that sound really familiar? You bet your horsepower it does.

This is the biggest compliment HD could give Victory motorcycles. They made another engine to compete with Victory Freedom 106! Is the board at Polaris really that blind and unimaginative? Do they understand the challenge been thrown at them by HD? Are they just plain scared and not up to the challenge. I think it's both. They are scared and they are not up to the challenge, the challenge of thinking outside the square. Doing things a little differently, which was the reason Victory was gaining a share of the Market. Was gaining a share of the market as soon as they secured the Indian brand, Victory ceased to exist.

It looks like Victory (Polaris) have seen the light at the end of the tunnel as a train and not the dawn of a new era for the Victory Brand. Sad, very sad.

If I had shares in Polaris, I would be asking, "why can't they make Victory profitable". Is this the first crack in the Polaris structure. Is there more Bad news to come? ​

The Board need to give back their bonuses for making the perfect motorcycling experience a commercial failure.

Heads should roll for this cock-up. All other areas of Polaris seem to be doing well, this indicates Polaris are not completely incompetent business operators, even Indian Motorcycles as mentioned in the press release are doing well because of the money Polaris has been putting to the brand. If they had been realistic about victory and put equal resources behind the 2 brands they would be surprised what Victory would do. There have been no new models since 2010 and a rebadged Scout doesn't cut it for imagination. They have put ZERO new resources behind the brand and now say, "We're sorry".

What are the 2 things that Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycles have in common? Yes, they have a long history, what's the less obvious thing they have in common? It's the advertising. Indian is an iconic motorcycle, so is HD. They never compare themselves to each other. Indian motorcycle advertising never mentions another brand of motorcycle. HD does the same, and more importantly HD never compares any of it's motorcycles to any other brand. That's the secret. Great advertising and not much change in a century. Come on Polaris give Victory a fair go and see how well they will do!

In my opinion Victory motorcycles are superior in every way to the competitors. "Ride one you'll own one", is most appropriate slogan of amy product developed. I hope you will be given a reprieve. We believe in them it's quite obvious Polaris sold out their belief tears ago.

See the following link from Polaris.

A real shock to lovers and owners of Victory motorcycles.